Should I move to MS Teams from Skype for Business right now, or should I wait?

Is it good time?

Number of organisations are currently facing question – should we move to Microsoft Teams? Teams is tool being currently in the spot, with new functionality and features pop-ing up every single week. Some of the features are tempting, and I can hear that question more and more frequently. So, let’s start Skype for Business vs Microsoft Teams battle and have features comparison!

Can we lose anything?

It is getting clear that Microsoft Teams is getting to position of Collaboration Tool of future for Microsoft. Company is investing heavily in this solution, bringing new features on weekly basis and closing gap to other solutions constantly.

Microsoft Teams brings interesting features comparing to Skype for Business, making teams collaboration more natural and more productive, it can change way how companies work. Some of features, like automatic transcripts are truly bringing collaboration on new level.

Recently question has been raised to me– should we move to Teams as well? Is it going to be better solution for us in comparison to Skype for Business we are using currently? Are we going to lose anything?

Service Features comparison with Skype for Business

Thoughts on current state


Microsoft Teams offers limited interoperability with Skype for Business ecosystem. Only basic, peer-to-peer features are supported.


New Microsoft Teams features, like automated transcript, screen sharing on smartphone, webRTC webapp and deep integration with Office365 brings collaboration on next level.


Unfortunately, telephony functions are still limited in comparison to Skype for Business. Bright side note is – there is no visible restriction related to number of hunt groups in MS Teams.


Multiple phone numbers supported currently by Microsoft Skype for Business are not certified against Microsoft Teams. It includes popular Audiocodes 4xx IP phones series and Polycom VXX Business Phones line. For details check devices currently certified for Microsoft Teams:

About the study

This study has been done after researching currently available materials on Microsoft official pages, technet sites and blogs related to Unified Communication and Collaboration systems. Please note that this study is based on features available in May 2019, future features are available here:

Sources used in this study:

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Skype for Business vs Teams features comparison table:

Author: Sławomir Czop

I think that it is time to consider myself as "well aged" UC professional. Currently I consult mostly on Microsoft Skype for Business and Cisco CUCM platforms, however I have experience with carrier grade IMS systems, PBXes, SBCs etc. I am consulting in netexperts. During my career I also have had incident with startup in motorization segment, as I have designed and programmed drive-by-wire system for Triggo.

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